Framework Toolkit


What Tools Have We
Developed And How Can
They Help You?

We have developed some tools to help you apply the framework. We encourage you to adapt these tools for your own school / educational setting.

  1. Framework Project Management Plan
  2. A Generic Ethics Application
  3. Workshop Workbook
  1. Focus Group Information
  2. List of focus group / interview questions
  3. Guide for conducting a focus group / interview

SA Framework Project
Management Plan

The SA Framework Project Management Plan has been created to help established schools to work through the process of using the Framework. As the Framework is designed to be used in a number of ways, please adapt this plan to your own setting.

Generic Ethics

A Generic Ethics Application has been created for you to use prior to starting work with the Framework at your school. As ethics requirements are often different between schools, the template can be adjusted to your own school.

Workshop Workbook

An introductory workshop is recommended as the first step at each school as an awareness-raising exercise and to introduce the term social accountability to the school community.

This workshop can introduce the Framework, THEnet’s online Community of Practice, the evaluators, and the whole project to the school community. The workshop participants can provide evaluators with valuable information about how the data collection process could proceed (e.g. who might hold the data, what permissions are required to access the data).


Focus Groups &

Focus Groups / Interviews – A ‘How To’ Guide and List of Questions

  1. Guide to conducting focus groups / interviews

We have created a Guide to conducting focus groups / interviews to help you with data collection. In addition, you can ask questions on how to conduct these interviews on the or receive technical assistance from THEnet’s team of experts.

  1. List of focus groups / interview questions

A full list of the focus group / interview questions from the Framework. Some of the questions have been created for specific groups (learners, educators, community members, leaders, and key stakeholders). These are identified with the member group name in bracket at the end of the question. Not all key questions have focus group or interview questions.