How To Use
The Framework

The Framework and its accompanying Toolkit helps individuals and institutions design, modify, and evaluate institutional and educational strategies and programs and guide institutions to become more socially accountable.

It is not designed to be a pass/fail exercise, or a ‘tick box’ for social accountability, but instead an iterative evaluation process to help schools take a critical and honest look at how they work and what they do and assess progress towards greater social accountability and better outcomes. It is an organic tool that continues to evolve specific tools get tested and evidence emerges as to what works how and in what context.

How can you use the
Framework in your context?

  • You can use it to integrate social accountability in the creation of a new program or health professional school
  • You can use it to evaluate a particular institutional or educational strategy, program or element.
  • Evaluate the progress of your whole program to meeting health and health system needs

How to Use the

Here is a step by step guide for those assessing the impact of their institutional and educational strategies on health, equity and health systems.


1/ Ethics Application

Submit an ethics application to your ethics boards.


2/ Workshop

Conduct a workshop for the stakeholders of your school to familiarize them with the SA Framework and find out where you can locate some of the information.


3/ Collect Data

Use the information from the workshop to start collecting data through document review, and focus groups and interviews.


4/ Review and
Analyze Data

Review and analyze data and determine strengths, weaknesses and gaps.


5/ Write Up Results

Synthesize, organize and write up results of the evaluation and identify opportunities for improvement and additional research.


6/ Report Dissemination

Share the report and results with others through presentation, publications and with THEnet so that we can learn from you.

How to Use The Framework
to Help Assess Your School

Each section of the Framework contains several key questions. For each question, the Framework offers three elements to guide health professional institutions in assessing the question along with a list of tools that can help in this process.

Framework Questions

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonWhat are our aim? (aspirations)

The statements in the ‘our aims’ section are vision statement, the end objective for schools aspiring towards becoming socially accountable

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonHow do we know we are achieving our aims? (indicators)

Broad key performance indicators describing how to identify elements of the key components. These indicators are what you review and analyze your data against. For example, if your school meets all of the indicators, then for this key component your school has major socially accountable strengths. If the school does not, then you are able to identify gaps or weaknesses and suggest some recommendations.

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonWhat data can be gathered? (suggested sources of evidence)

We have supplied a number of suggested sources of evidence for you to collect or review at your school. These include data potentially already existing or already being collected at your school, as well as a number of focus group / interview questions for you to ask the stakeholders at your school (e.g. learners, educators, leader and other key stakeholders).

ui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonui accordion buttonTools to help

We have also suggested alternative measurement tools which could be used to help you collect the evidence. These are tools suggested by THEnet which may help you with the key component.