Welcome to the community of practice on transformative, socially accountable health workforce education.

The community of practice is intended to be a place where you can access and share resources and experiences, collaborate with peers and learn about the latest developments in transforming health workforce education to increase health equity.

THEnet’s Community of Practice is currently launching a thematic discussion on accreditation and social accountability following the 4th Global Forum on HRH in Dublin, this November. The aim is to keep you updated on developments and enable you to participate policy implementation dialogue. This includes a series of blogs around the topic of accreditation as well as curated resources and a forum to discuss topics around the Dublin conference and accreditation. The first blog is now available on the CoP and the second from Mohamed Elhassan Abdalla Mohamed Elhassan Elsayed (Chairman Group on Social Accountability, Association of Medical Education in Eastern Mediterranean Region and more are on the way. We invite your active participation in this discussion!

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