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THEnet CEO joins the Africa – Europe Foundation’s Strategy Group on Health

December 30, 2020
Björg Pálsdóttir

Brussels, Belgium December 12th, 2020

On December 7th, 2020, Björg Pálsdóttir, THEnet CEO attended the inception meeting of the Africa – Europe Foundation’s Strategy Group on Health. The group includes a diverse group of leaders from both continents including former ministers of health. The new foundation is a consortium entity founded by a leading European think-tank, Friends of Europe, and a leading African Foundation, Mo Ibrahim Foundation, in partnership with the African Climate Foundation and the ONE Campaign and with a multitude of stakeholders from civil society, business, policymaking and the youth sector across Africa and Europe.

The purpose of the Africa Europe Foundation is to “facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue, catalyze partnerships and unlock new opportunities that can transform Africa-Europe relations into action”. The Strategy Group on Health will seek to bring in fresh thinking and strategic foresight to unlock opportunities, create mutually beneficial synergies, and build a renewed and collaborative partnership between both continents.