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We know the world suffers from stark health inequities: A child born in Japan will live to 80; in Angola, to 47. But we hear less about how medical workers and schools play a critical role. Learn More …


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THEnet’s Evaluation Framework

In order to strengthen the evidence base on socially accountable health-workforce education, THEnet developed an Evaluation Framework for Socially Accountable Health Professional Education. THEnet is currently working with the World Health Organization and other partners to develop the next version of the Framework. Shortly the Framework under review will be available to comment on. Together, we can create better tools to support schools seeking to improve – and make health equity a realistic and actionable goal.





“I am profoundly impressed by the monograph and the press release which explains with clarity and compelling text THEnet starting with the concepts, needs and finishing with the charts of actions and analysis and metrics. It is a modern day “Flexner Report”. It will be uncomfortable reading for the entrenched medical school leaders and organizations, but I believe that as the imperfections of our current system become ever more apparent, the monograph will gain influence and be a beacon for the future.”
Dr. Pierce Gardner, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Emeritus, School of Medicine